Specialized Skills and Capabilities

Professional Audio

We Go To Eleven

  • High Performance ADC and DAC Subsystems

  • Mixed-Signal Design for Audio

  • DSP Hardware and Algorithm Implementation

  • Detailed Audio Testing and Qualification

Logic Design

Slinging Silicon

  • Development of RTL and validation in Verilog and VHDL

  • IP design and deployment to FPGA or hard-cell silicon

  • High-speed interfacing through PCIe and Thunderbolt™

  • Power design for FPGA hardware

Audio Networking

Beats Over Bits

  • Experience implementing AES67, AVB/TSN and Dante™

  • Design of remote device control

  • Deployment using SoC, FPGA and partner ASICs

  • Specialization in high channel count systems

General Skills and Capabilities

Concept Development

From Idea to Proof

Rapid proof-of-concept development

  • User Interface Mockups and workflow analyses

  • Functional testing using COTS tools

  • Concept development for focus group testing

  • Feasibility analysis of new product ideas

Product Design

The Front End

Turning a concept into your product

  • Rapid virtual sketching in 3D CAD

  • Model creation using manual and CNC rapid prototyping methods

  • User interface design and development

  • Functional mockup creation for group feedback

Hardware Design

Heavy Lifting

Fusing disciplines into a single product

  • Development of unified product from the technical disciplines

  • Early analysis of EMC and EMI impact

  • Complex multi-PCB system designs in challenging packages

  • Quick evaluation of technology to meet product function and budget

Electrical Engineering

Signal to Noise

Electronic design for your next product

  • System architecture and technology selection

  • Embedded systems design from 8-bit MCUs to multi-GHz SoCs

  • Power development to meet size and noise requirements

  • Analog and mixed-signal design for audio and control

Firmware Engineering

Code Excellence

Creating the logic to accompany hardware and enhance the user experience

  • Specification and modeling of complex firmware systems

  • Development of firmware using assembly, C, and C++ on bare metal, various RTOSes and Embedded Linux

  • Optimization of existing firmware for smaller memory footprint or porting to new platforms

Mechanical Engineering

Shaped and Formed

Enclosures that fit your function and form

  • 3D Design using SolidWorks™

  • Rapid prototyping using in-house FDM and CNC

  • Thermal and EMC analysis using HyperLynx™ and SolidWorks™ Simulation

  • Pre-production and pilot fabrication with local and global partners

Printed Circuit Design

Light Cycles for Copper

Layout and design of printed circuits to meet your needs

  • Printed Circuit Design using Mentor PADS™ and Altium™ Designer

  • Layout of 1-32 layer rigid and flex PCBs

  • Vast experience with complex grounding and EMC schemes

  • Tight integration with mechanical engineering to optimize form factor and cost

Prototype Construction

Making It Real

Assembling the first product for evaluation and testing

  • In-House prototype assembly and validation

  • Electronic assembly using in-house SMT line and third party vendors

  • Kitting, Packaging and serialization for alpha and beta distribution

  • EMC Pre-scan of prototypes using in-house test chamber

NPI / Mass Production

From One To Millions

Deploying a product design to the global manufacturing space

  • Pre-Production EMC and safety certification using in-house and partner facilities

  • Development of test plans and fixtures for production lines

  • NPI run management and integration of DFM reports from NPI

  • Migration to mass production through our manufacturing partners